Starting a Farm in Ordinary Time

Avodah Family Farms officially launched in the autumn of 2018, the end of “ordinary time” in the church calendar. (Not sure what the church calendar is? Here’s a good overview).


We normally take “ordinary” to mean something commonplace, everyday, and in the Christian year, “ordinary time” does in fact encompass much of the year, the regular days in which we conduct most of our lives: the regular patterns of work and worship, or family life and friendship, of meals and chores and recreation. Ordinary time takes place between the great feasts and fasts of Christian practice: Christmas (with its preparatory season of Advent), and Easter (with its preparatory season of Lent).

However, just because ordinary time doesn’t include these big holidays, that doesn’t mean it is unimportant. In fact, the name “ordinary time” should alert us to another use of the word “ordinary,” i.e. something ordered or oriented around something. Starting our farm in “ordinary time” reminds us to consider what is orienting our work:

  • A biblical vision of care for the land and care for the poor
  • A call to the Church to “cultivate and keep” our local ecosystem and economy
  • Delight in the rhythms of the Church calendar (or liturgical year, or Christian calendar)
  • Conviction that growing and sharing food is one of the best gateways into biblical hospitality

As ordinary time wanes toward Advent and Christmas, we’re preparing soil and planting seeds. Comment below (or better yet, come volunteer with us!) if you’d like to continue this journey with us.


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