Our Story

“The LORD God settled the man in the garden of Eden to cultivate and to keep it….” (Genesis 2:15)

Avodah Family Farms began in the fall of 2018. Thanks to the hospitality of our friends at Blessing Falls Family Farm, we were able to begin a small operation growing vegetables using regenerative agriculture practices. We launched a “CSA” (subscription-based produce sales) in January of 2019, and soon had customers from across Austin, Texas receiving weekly boxes of our produce, as well as eggs and meat grown by other regenerative farmers.

We knew, however, that God’s call was not simply to grow and sell food, but to create a farm that would be a blessing to the poor. In the summer of 2019, we put a hold on all our subscriptions and began to explore options for relocating the farm to a location where it was better suited to provide ministry and dignified income opportunities. God blessed this search, and this fall we will be moving to the San Marcos, Texas area to create not just a farm, but a homestead community. Our years living and working at Community First! Village have filled us with hope that God is calling His people to respond to a culture of homelessness and isolation, and we pray that the homestead will be an example of this faithful response.

Avodah Family Farms exist to cultivate love for the land for the poor through food. The word translated “cultivate” in Genesis 2:15 comes from the Hebrew avodah, a rich term that can refer to the tending of the soil, the service of a servant to a master, the worship of God, and more.

We believe that restoring the relationship between the wise cultivation of our food and the service of our God is the first step to keeping community, creativity, and hospitality at the core of the life of God’s people, the Church.

Once we are settled we will have opportunities to volunteer, subscribe to our produce, and support the ministry of the farm financially. For now, please join us in prayer as we make this move into the next season.

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