Policies & FAQ

  • Refund Policy
    • Any orders can be cancelled for a full refund within two weeks of placing the order.
  • Cancellation Policy
    • You may cancel at any time. You can receive a full refund if you cancel within two weeks of placing your order.  Cancellations after this two-week window are not eligible for a refund; however, you may place your deliveries on hold, and you will not be charged again until deliveries resume.
  • What happens when a member misses pick-up?
    • Please place a hold on your delivery if you are going to miss a pick-up. If you miss a pick-up and have not placed a hold on your order, we have no choice but to give your share away. Our hosts are not equipped with the storage capacity to keep your share beyond the designated pick-up time.
  • When can members add items to their orders?
    • You may add items a la carte or to your subscription at any time, but they may not be available on your next delivery date. To ensure that an a la carte is available on a specific delivery date, be sure to place your order at least ten days before the desired delivery time.
  • When can members change their delivery location?
    • You may change your pick-up location up to one week before your regularly-scheduled pick-up day.
  • When can members put their account on hold?
    • At any time
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